Thursday, July 26, 2007

Test Three

Earlier this week, I wrote about this story out of Dayton about the Right to Life group that planned on wearing t-shirts with their logo on them to the polls. Turns out that there was a little bit more to that story than what the ePluribus Media and Dayton Daily News articles let on...namely that the idea didn't come from the group but rather the Montgomery County Board of Elections as a marketing gimmick to get people to work on Election Day.

Today, the Toldeo Blade editorializes that Jennifer Brunner should step in and disallow the commercialization of the "Day of Democracy" and ban all logos. I agree that this practice should stop. The Blade goes on to say that they'd be taking this position if a pro-abortion group like Planned Parenthood were in on this too and I would like to believe that, but where was the high and mighty Toldeo Blade when the unions were wearing their shirts to work the polls? As usual, you couldn't find them with a search warrant...

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